One upside of being stuck at home is the opportunity for a glow-up. Zoom calls aside, knowing that no one you know will see you for weeks on end means there’s time to build a strong skincare routine. And if that doesn’t work out, then it’s time for your camera to be “broken” during those aforementioned video calls for a week or two.

If you’ve picked up home-based exercise or running as new activities, why not add a few steps to your grooming routine? The benefits will be as helpful as that 5k you just did. We’ve rounded up the best goods for an upgrade to every part of your regime. Read on for the list that’ll have your friends asking you to drop the routine.


What for: doing the big chop

If it’s been a while without a trip to the barber, you’ve likely had enough of your hair. So why not do the big chop yourself? Wahl clippers are the industry standard and come with enough attachments for you to achieve the right hair height. While you might want to stay clear of the more intricate hairline shaping, for now, a simple cut will still go a long way.

Facial Wash/Scrub/Mask

What for: Getting Zoom ready

While we’re not actually interacting with people IRL (in real life)  that much, the increase in Zoom meetings means that we’re all under intense facial scrutiny. So, if you want the pre-meeting chatter to be focused on your dewy complexion, a new facial wash, scrub and mask combo is a necessary addition. 

For a scrub, this Dr. Brandt model is made to look after the kinds of congested pores athletes tend to have. When it comes to face washes, Cerave’s edition is a popular and effective cleanser. Chuck in the odd facial mask — DERMAL’s collagen sheet mask is a solid choice —  and you’ll have an enviable routine.

Body Butter

What for: Even if no one can see it, you still need to moisturize it

It’s tempting to neglect certain aspects of a routine during these times; we get it. But, with winter around the corner, you’ll still need to keep yourself ready on the off chance you do get to leave the house. After all, there are few things more embarrassing than taking a potential bae on a date outside and accidentally revealing some un-lotioned ankle. Before you know it, you’ll be the topic of conversation in her group chat, and not in a good way. Avoid all this by buying some Body Shop Shea Butter, which is guaranteed to leave you looking luxurious.


What for: That night time routine you need to add

If you haven’t started adding a nighttime routine, what are you waiting for? After you’ve washed your face at night, you’ll need a serum or two. The Ordinary’s retinol is an evening routine favorite. As it’s bedtime, the fact that you’ll look like a glazed donut won’t even matter.

What for: Trim that beard to pre-pandemic levels

It’s tempting to go all-in with your beard right now, whether it be going full Wolverine or cutting it entirely. A  good razor will enable you to showcase a bit more versatility in your trims, avoiding the scorched earth look. If you’re like most men and experimenting with a mustache, this will let you trim to your heart’s content.

Beard Oil

What for: Keep that beard nice and soft

If you’ve got a well-kept beard, the next logical step is figuring out how to keep it that way. A good beard oil gives your beard the nutrients it needs to avoid the dreaded facial-barbed-wire feel a dry beard can produce. 

Spot Treatment

What for: Because breakouts still happen

Somewhat annoyingly, breakouts still occur into adulthood. They’re more likely to happen if you’ve been like the rest of us and ordered a couple more takeout meals than you usually would. So fight those annoying spots with an easy treatment like this Aesop Blemish control


What for: Because smelling nice isn’t just for outdoors

We’ve probably all got our favourite cologne by now. While we’re not suggesting you give that up, adding another cologne to the repertoire won’t hurt. As you’re in the judgement-free zone of your home, it might be time to experiment with the kind of fragrance you’ve typically assumed wasn’t for you. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge, there’s no shortage of tester kits to enable you to try a brand’s full range, like this Byredo set.

Foot Scrub

What for: Be honest, you’ve neglected your feet

Look down right now. Do it. Look at your feet. You don’t even need to say anything; we know you’ve overlooked them, and that’s ok. A simple pair of foot scrub socks will help fix that situation you’ve got going on. It’s a gentle routine that involves little except you sitting down for 20 minutes, so there’s really no excuse.