African botanicals, powered by modern science.

Experts in hyperpigmentation.

Melanin-inclusive, better for all skin.

Melanin rich skin requires specialized attention to address its unique needs. It often faces an increased susceptibility to dehydration and inflammation leading to hyperpigmentation. Formulations tailored to meet the specific needs of melanin rich skin therefore are highly beneficial to all other skin tones.

“Each product is formulated with hard-working ingredients.”

“Game-changing skincare.”

”A curated and sharable routine dedicated to simple and effective skincare.”

“Small-but-mighty curation, with consciously sourced ingredients.”

“S'ABLE Labs is one of a few A-Beauty (African Beauty) brands making moves in the space.”

”Award-winning beauty brand that is more than a skincare line; it is a range rooted in purpose that breaks down the exclusive, elusive and gendered barriers of the wellness industry...”

Catering to overlooked melanated skin, S’ABLE Labs is itself a community.

”The brand sources raw materials from communities and farmers in Africa, helping to build infrastructure.”

Exfoliating mask swatch
Qasil Exfoliating Mask
AHA/BHA + Turmeric

Introducing A-Beauty

A simplified routine for maximum results.

Uniquely focusing on preventative results without compromise.

Consciously developed and responsibly sourced.

Our skincare collection of efficacious, intentional skincare essentials incorporating the most powerful African ingredients  — developed to target and prevent hyperpigmentation.

All Our Packaging Is Recycled, Recyclable, or Refillable

We Are 100% Cruelty Free

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Fragrance Free, Formulated for Sensitive Skin and Pregnancy Safe