We started this company out of a responsibility to create inclusive products that reflected and effectively cared for melanated skin, in an industry where we felt our needs were underserved. 

And the best part? Formulations that are better for melanated skin are beneficial for everyone, making S’ABLE Labs better for All Hue-mans.

Leading the fight against hyperpigmentation, our patented Hyperprevent™ technology which breaks down, defends and inhibits melanin growth and overproduction, was developed combining powerful African botanicals with the industry’s leading science. Our products are designed to have maximum effect on the skin with minimal impact on the planet; consciously developed and responsibly sourced into a powerful core collection, that celebrates ancestral traditions found throughout the continent of Africa. And our partnership with Farm Africa ensures we enrich the livelihoods of the people who farm our ingredients along the way.

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Pioneering A-Beauty

We started this brand because of a desire to create products that include the needs of melanin rich skin through the use of powerful African botanicals.
Rooted in tradition, we formulated around African ancestral rituals and ingredients clinically proven to inhibit the growth of excess melanin.

Our formulas omit sensitive culprits that can trigger inflammation which can lead to hyperpigmentation.

We recognize the undeniable connection between inflammation and hyperpigmentation, that’s why we’ve woven in potent African anti-inflammatory botanicals that soothe and protect irritated skin.

Giving back to small holder farmers through Farm Africa.

Award Winning Formulations

"Clinically proven, radiance boosting, effective …  with visible results after first use, that increase the longer you use .“

Stewart Long FRSC,

President of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists 


All Our Packaging Is Recycled, Recyclable, or Refillable

We Are 100% Cruelty Free

We Give Back For Every Sale

Fragrance Free, Formulated for Sensitive Skin and Pregnancy Safe